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Bhopal Trackers GPS Software

Having a proper GPS expertise in today’s marketplace is not sufficient but together with that we require to have a technology which assists in maintaining an efficient & horizontal Fleet management system. We have been promoted & got hike in business from the services provided by the VoxTrail Software Solutions Private Limited.
VoxTrail Software Solutions is a niche brand which offers advanced fleet management software with highly developed IOT Solutions which are befitted for transportation industries, logistics firms, fleet managers, and more. BHOPAL TRACKERS supplies the province of classified transportation agencies in most favorable manner. Whitelabeling Solutions offered by VoxTrail Software Solution Pvt.Ltd. are very efficient for our business venture. Now, we have our own top-notch & reliable branded GPS Tracking Software named as Bhopal Trackers GPS Software through which we can walk around the marketplace & have prospective clients on board. We offer top-notch Bhopal Trackers GPS Software to our clients and gain much popularity in GPS market.

There are many benefits associated with Bhopal Trackers GPS Software which acts like a boon in fleet management industries –

  • Real-Time Tracking – Track and trail the exact location of your industrial objects such as vehicles, persons, mobile phones, bikes, etc. with Bhopal Trackers GPS Software online instantaneously. You can also choose different map layout: Google, Satellite, etc. Examine the supplementary information about your tracking objects such as speed, petrol consumption, exact address, travel history, and more.
  • Notification Alerts – Get instantaneous notification alerts about the tracking object and know when your asset enters or exits from the geo-zone, identify if there is speeding & stopovers. Moreover, you can get an instant SOS alarms if the vehicle or asset has been stolen and you can turn on or off the engine simply. Get alerts or notifications to your Android, iPhone, or your Windows devices, via mobile App, e-mail, or SMS.
  • History & Reports – You can download & review the reports of your vehicle about past 30 days in special formats such as XLS, CSV, PDF, TXT. The tracking reports comprise information by date and time & GPS tracker name which includes – driving hours, distance traveled, stopovers, fuel consumption rate, and more. The detailed & group reports in Bhopal Trackers GPS Software are also obtainable.
  • Geo-fence Alerts – Geo-fence feature of Bhopal Trackers GPS Software permits to set up geo-boundaries around the particular areas which have a precise awareness for you and your fleets. You can receive preset alerts when your object enters and leaves the marked or geo-boundaries.
  • Virtual controlling – Bhopal Trackers GPS Software Solutions assists our users to practically control the ignition status of their vehicles. During the theft activity, user can cut-off the ignition supply & can stop the theft there and then of the vehicles and assets.
  • Fuel Monitoring – With the help of Bhopal Trackers GPS Software you can simply ensure tank fuel level & fuel consumption rates along with the route travelled in real-time. Moreover, the aggressive driving, speeding and braking, and directly influence on fuel consumption. Furthermore, the improvements in driving behavior can cut-off your fuel costs drastically by up to 5% to 15%. Additionally, fuel consumption control is an enormous precautionary measure adjacent to fraud.

All of the above features are the foremost benefits of Bhopal Trackers GPS Software that fleet management and logistics firm gain. Being a foremost associate of VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., BHOPAL TRACKERS has reached the peak of a tremendous market share. We highly recommend the deployment of VoxTrail Software Solutions because of their wide range of GPS Portfolios.