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Bhopal Tracker GPS Mobile App

We at BHOPAL TRACKERS partnered with VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to offer the most comprehensive solutions to our worthy clients. VoxTrail offers the most reliable and profitable whitelabling solutions to its clients. Bhopal Tracker GPS Mobile App is a necessary investment for any industry trade that owns motorized or non-motorized assets. Whether the company has construction equipment, shipping containers, trailers, and even generators, tracking/monitoring location & its utilization is most important.
Keeping an instantaneous track of your vehicles, assets, equipment, trailers, & fleets can be a crucial carry out for your business. Are you interested in improving management of your industry to make sure about the fleet reliability? Whether you are exploring to persuade fleet productivity, streamline your business functions, or increase security on assets, Bhopal Tracker GPS Mobile App has the capability to save your business time & money with huge returns. With Bhopal Tracker GPS Mobile App, you will have an easy to read interface which can be personalized to fit for multiple business’ wants & needs. The Mobile App is suitable for layman, fleet managers, logistics firms, and many other transportation businesses. Bhopal Tracker GPS Mobile App, if utilized appropriately, has the influence to uncover the hidden savings, protect your vehicles from being stolen, and alters your business for better track.

There are multiple features that the Bhopal Tracker GPS Mobile App offers to layman and fleet management firms, such as –

  • Real-time view.
  • Instant zone alerts which enables rapid geo-fencing notifications & alerts.
  • A complete activity log which assists to establish the activity series such as harsh acceleration, over speeding, overtaking, harsh braking, etc.
  • Graphical & diagrammatical representation of fleet’s up to date positing whether online, offline, running or idle helps the users to examine the development reports of the vehicle and driver.
  • Live map route which assists in defining the absolute details of the fleets and the GPS Tracker installed in it along with the defined values of speed, distance traveled, time covered, Kilometers and driver behavior patterns.
  • An easy access to the history of trips, playback along with the activities happened in the route can be monitored easily through Bhopal Tracker GPS Mobile App.
  • Keep a regular check on fuel consumption rates.
  • Sharing of objects and cloning of app is also an inbuilt embedded feature in Bhopal Tracker GPS Mobile App that helps the user to remain connected with the client or another person 24X7 via live sharing of objects.
  • VoxTrail help center provides 24/7 assistance to the users with live chatting and assistance protocol anytime and anywhere.

With the proper assistance of Bhopal Tracker GPS Mobile App you can continually keep a continuous check on the effectiveness of your fleet& driver, keep a vigilant eye on your assets and shortcomings is crucial. Thus, BHOPAL TRACKERS states that to have a leg up among the GPS competitors, it’s imperative to be equipped with VoxTrail Software Solutions unmatched expertise.