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Bhopal GPS System B2B Platform – AASMA

We at Bhopal Trackers had established our authentic presence when we attain our foremost mobility proposal from VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. by the name of VoxTrail – Aasma Platform. Do you have an adequate amount of money for your trade investment? Do you have numerous resources for allowance? If no, then a unique VoxTrail’s B2B platform – Aasma is absolutely projected for you. The exceptional concept of ‘AASMA’ provides you with an utter brand makeover for you & your business firm.

Under this advanced VoxTrail B2B platform – AASMA all the dealers & distributors coupled with each other on a PAN India level. The primary vision of this B2B AASMA platform is to generate a superiority network among the energetic players. The results delivered by the VoxTrail B2B Platform- AASMA are substantial & play the pivotal role in boosting the development and growth of your business venture. ‘AASMA’ associates with all the upcoming & existing GPS professionals under one roof by delivering them with competencies, such as –

  • Additional support services for a marketing perspective will be catered to you in terms of branding and promotions.
  • 24/7 proper assistance in dropping the pain points & the overall cost involved in maintenance, servicing, & repair aspects anytime and anywhere.
  • Bigger existence of business venture on the National Level.
  • Get rid of the recurring cost of servicing and maintenance. Create your own network.
  • Better marketing support so as to boost the clientele is been inculcated by the VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to the associates.
  • Networking through VoxTrail B2B Platform - Aasma helps us in doing the trading at all corners of India with a peace of mind.
  • Elimination of the pain points and cost involved in services, maintenance, and repair aspects at any point of time and place.
  • Get free software such as White labelling software, CRM, and Lead Management System.
  • Implementation of advanced level GPS dexterity in the ongoing business thus opening worldwide opportunities.
  • Resource Sharing is been done at a negligible cost & time period, therefore, making it reasonable to use.

VoxtTrail is the crucial name in the deal of GPS & White Label GPS Vehicle Tracking Software. VoxTrail B2B Platform – AASMA is a mission-driven formula which determines the ‘n’ number of the pleased clientele of who keep coming back to you for another idyllic dealing.